Making plans and taking names

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

march in a nutshell: snow, food, snow, fro yo, snow, crochet, yoga, snow, shopping, snow, dinner parties

My post graduation adult-ish aspirations (spoiler alert: sarcasm ahead)

>> obtain an iphone for the sole purpose of having snapchat
>> utilize my career to take down dr.oz (aka droz) at all costs (shoutout to my 558 friends)
>> start collecting fur babies to get ahead on the forever alone trajectory
>> pray that my dad never stops doing my taxes
>> sign up for things that involve me wearing a suit (re: this)
>> become best friends with elderly women so I can steal their craft wisdom
>> read the newspaper (the tangible version)
>> wear a one piece bathing suit because I'm mature like that
>> learn how to golf
>> become a regular coffee drinker but then quit

What are your big plans for the future? ;)