The greatest woman I know

Sunday, March 24, 2013

two of my mom's favorites marilyn and madonna

Because I may or may not have been a horrible daughter at remembering my mom's birthday in a timely fashion here are reasons why I think that she is the most inspiring woman in my life:

>> She is feisty and always always stands up for what is right and expects the same from us
>> She is really good at taking care of others, whether at work as a nurse, or at home as a mom (and furbaby mom) she always treats people and animals with an amazing amount of compassion
>> She is super creative. Even though we make fun of it sometimes my mom is constantly thinking of witty inventions or cute ideas. If I ever need a catchy line for an essay or a theme for a party she is my go to
>> She is stylish. I may not have understood the whole palazzo pant concept when I was 10 but I definitely do now :)
>> She taught me my "marketable skills" of baking and sewing etc. etc. I keep telling myself these will be appreciated by a member of the male species someday 
>> She doesn't take crap from me. My mom lets me know when I'm out of line, or if I'm being too harsh
>> She is very patient with us kiddos, especially the sassy youngest!
>> She always values the underdog and doesn't take people for granted
>> She taught me to reach for the stars and never settle for anything meh in life

On a less cheesy note this is my brother's remark in response to the fact that he didn't send a card: I accepted her on Facebook so that should do (context is that the friend request is about 3 years old)