Summer & Links

Thursday, March 14, 2013

jcrew bikini // white outfit // menswear outfit // braided belt // ray ban sunnies // brigitte
>> Check out Kaylyn's fun facts series featuring yours truly and some other pretty cool ladies!
>> Re-fallen in love with this song. Feist always reminds me of my mom's car circa 2007 :)
>> Elizabeth's post  on being honest and open on the internet was a bit of an eye opener, always love her writing.
>> Ad block for chrome is a game changer. Now I don't have to listen to absurd 3 minute you tube ads during my study playlists. Major bonus.
>> Fantastic J Crew sale for anyone not constricted by impending  paying for grad school and a new car doom
>> This playlist is pretty epic for studying. If you're into that. I didn't think I would be but it was awesome.
>> One of my pinterest friends found this gem. I literally almost peed my pants.
>> A dog dressed as a human, need I say more??
>> The 32 Best Things About Zac Efron. Swoon.