Thursday, March 28, 2013

from one of my collage escapades

>> while playing catchphrase "okay this is a little thing with a tail and its not from the earth, from mars" (spoiler alert - the word was marsupial haha) 
>>"ok I know you're like my fairy conscience mother, but sheesh this is hard" 
>>"There's pollen on my almonds" - my little sister said this in a text to my mom during lunch time
>>"You let me tell you something... twilight changed my life" - geeda
>> "Days like these I miss you (me) as a kid, spoiled pants (my sis) is evil" - my mom

I'm hoping and wishing and praying for some sunshine up here on this Thursday morning. Planning on working on an application and a few upcoming essays and then heading to a little coffeeshop concert with my friend tonight. Also couldn't be more excited for this long weekend. A couple of my girlfriends are coming over for a baking / easter choco eating night on Saturday and I'm going to attempt some of this Easter candy bark. Needless to say I'll be dreaming of mini eggs for the next few nights. 

Happy Thursday folks, say hi to spring break for me if you're one of those lucky ones ;)