Infrequently Asked Questions

Thursday, March 7, 2013

the indian mounds on the LSU campus

A list of things you wouldn't think to ask me, but may chuckle at the responses to anyways (see part one over here):
  1. What was your most memorable childhood attire? Oh man I will never forget the spice girls shoes I had when I was 7 or 8. I remember they were blue and yellow and I think I shed a tear when my mom gave them away because they were too small. 
  2. What is your diet looking like these days? Snapshot = mini eggs, pop tarts, frozen pizzas, chamomile tea, strawberries, more mini eggs, sour octopus gummies, black bean soup, barbeque chips and mini eggs. (sorry mom but it's exam time!) 
  3. Guiltiest internet diversion? Don't say I didn't warn you about its addictive-ness but this game gets me through a certain sleepy afternoon class. Also watch out for the obnoxious sound effects. (credit to brit)
  4. What are you most looking forward to this summer? I'm going to have to admit it is a close tie  between the royal baby and graduating with my bachelor of science. 
  5. What is your oldest piece of technology? I am currently the proud owner / user of a beautiful pink lg chocolate phone. What? You don't remember those? Guys get with it, so hip over here it hurts. 
  6. Random teenage memory? We used to watch every barbie movie imaginable on the way to and from school everyday. Gotta love younger siblings. To this day I still have the quotes circulating in my brain. 
  7. If you were "granted a wish" so to speak, what would ask for? I have definitely thought this through already. I would request the ability to use the more money cheat code from the sims in real life. Things could get weird, but they could also get awesome. 
So tell me something infrequently asked about yourself!