Friday finds (and rambles too)

Friday, March 22, 2013

crossbody bag // necklace // stud earring // wedge heel

>> I was pleasantly surprised by forever 21 yesterday and bought the earrings and necklace (in gold) above
>> also they were handing out those adorable mini boxes of cereal downtown en route from forever 21 which made my day
>> probably could blame it on the midterm and migraine induced psychosis but I'm quite certain my upstairs neighbor's children are starting a band including some terrible piano (organ?) music and those like preset beats that only come from things made in the 80's... needless to say this song will always make me cringe from now on
>> when you have a dream about a classmate or coworker right before you wake up and then you see them and you're like oh god and all awkward because you're secretly afraid that they just know what your dream was about by looking at you
>> soo excited joe fresh is coming to america, woooo
>> I'd like to thank buzzfeed, tim horton's tomato bagels with cream cheese, and 8 tracks for sustaining me over the past few days
>> speaking of buzzfeed go read this one for a laugh
>> speaking of tim horton's I FINALLY won, and then won again from the win
>> mad men fans rejoice, someone finally had this bright idea  (hint it's a mean girls tumblr)

I hope you have an incredibly relaxing weekend and that it is feeling very much like spring in your neck of the woods!