Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1 ali macgraw // 2 baggu bag // 3 nasty gal dress // 4 asos bikini // 5 peter som // 6 target dress

It has been a pretty big month around these parts. Figuring out career goals (lord help me) is draining and I'm trying to finish out my degree with motivation but it is getting a wee bit difficult. I'm craving a fresh start but at the same time am scared out of my mind that I don't have any solid plans. Not to mention I'm still debating on the broad scale what field I want to get into. I am definitely in dire need of some refreshing colors, some beautiful flowers, and some Easter chocolates! Can you say long weekend??

I'll be back tomorrow and sharing some pictures from this past weekend's fashion show and graduation ball. I keep telling everyone it was my favorite weekend of the past four years and I'm standing by that. It is pretty huge anytime you get to see so many of the people that you love in one place!

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