An Ode to a Honda

Friday, March 8, 2013

don't worry members of the internet safety patrol, my eyes are on the road AND we're not moving
 This lovely little honda was laid to eternal rest yesterday (aka donated) and I would like to use this time to share it's eu-google-y (get the reference?). Here are some of the random memories I have with this little piece of Japanese machinery. And if you don't feel like reading these at least watch this epic video about hondas by bo burnham.

>> I remember watching for my shiny new car to pull into the school parking lot to pick me up from aftercare, I probably bragged about having a new car to my friends/ minions at school because I was a little bit of a bully in 4th grade.
>> We drove down from western canada to louisiana in this bad boy. 4 days.
>> My little sister was born and cried her eyes out everytime my mom put her in the carseat for the entire duration of the drive. Not fun.
>> The honda was a little neglected after my mom got an suv but we used it to transport messy things or things with noxious fumes.
>> First up to learn how to drive was little old me. At the ripe age of 14 me and the honda started to bond.
>> My dad took the tires on and off of the honda and watched me put them back on (simulating a flat tire experience which has come in handy)
>> I actually totally scraped up the front of the car while trying to fly through the awkwardly small "oops i changed my mind" lane at the chase bank. My dad wasn't even that mad!
>> By the time senior year rolled around I was allowed to drive and my parking spot was right beside the bff's honda who is named heather. They were best car friends too.
>> The honda accompanied me to high school dances and probably like the one party I ever went to.
>> The summer after senior year me and the honda had some good times listening to these albums: one, two,  three,
>> I crossed the mississippi river bridge saying goodbye to louisiana life through my rearview mirror
>> The honda was my security blanket as I learned to drive stick shift on my new car
>> My brother learned to drive (although it seems there is still learning to do) and my dad used the car for his commutes
>> I took my little sister back and forth to dance class in it (because my car isn't as safe) and that's how these pictures came to be!

So there you have it. An unnecessarily long list of just a few of the great memories me and this little gray accord have had. Goodbye old friend! May the kidney foundation treat you well on your way to automobile heaven!