Accidental Throwback

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"obv we're the ladies"

lsu campus

guess what movie this is from! 

These were dug up from the depths of my toshiba (yes I know, I don't have a macbook, crazy right?). Back in January I was over in Louisiana with the best friend and we went for a little walk around LSU campus before sunset. I don't know much of anything about photography but sometimes its just fun to mess around with the sunshine ;)

Yesterday I took my last. midterm. ever. and my first day of spring was spent in a parka surrounded by snow plows (and I'm not bitter at all guys). Now I'm in fashion show and graduation party mode, which will be a nice change up from being in locked in the library mode. Also the gown I get to wear in the show is stunning, our student designer is so so talented!

I'm off to class, hope you have an awesome (and possibly throwback) thursday :)