Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my pup jack, barking at nothing as usual. we think he has a mild doggy psychiatric disorder, not enough sheep to herd in the suburbs or something

  1. me: "[library tables] are my favorite places to catch up with my friends, what's yours?" emma: "probably either library tables or funerals... just anywhere appropriate and fun"
  2. "I've actually never been to school on a saturday" - random girl in the library cafeteria, oh sweetie you must be new to this
  3. first text I received after my flight: "Hey have u landed? I lost a tooth and I'm watching Grammy" - the little sis
  4. me: "hey how's life?" little sis: "Terrible. I hate my parents. Dad lives in the 60s" 
  5. "its like shocking how many clothing items I have from talbots" followed by: "whatever, I'm not ashamed, they have really good sales" - emma
  6. little sis text after I pocket dialed her: "for a minute I was sitting there saying 'kelse, kelse, kelse, It's me, kelse, kelse you buttdialed me'"
  7. "it just so happens that I hav a kajillion loads of homework" - little sis
  8. "my left foot is a little larger than my right and with the boot sock I have to have my boyfriend help me take my boot off. But that changed with a few wears." - came across this one while online shopping, she's reviewing a boot clearly and I just couldn't stop laughing, terrible I know

Can't deny that my sister has stolen the show as far as hilarious quotes go lately. She is quickly becoming the eleven year old queen of deadpan, not that I'm complaining! I only wish I had started writing down the hilarious things she says sooner. Or writing down anything at all would be great, I tend to fail at journaling with the exception of my 9 year old self really taking to the floral teddy bear diary. You win some you lose some??