Pick-Me-Up Prints

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

by FawnKids on etsy

left // by Garrard Prints on etsy right // by nicoleap on etsy

by fieldtrip on etsy

I needed a mid day pick-me-up so I meandered over to etsy and found these gems. I'm definitely dreaming of crazy bright colors and bold graphics for my new place next year (fingers crossed my landlord-parents let me go wild). In actuality my real dreams have been off the charts crazy the past few nights. Here's one synopsis, as described to my best friend:
"I had to wear a boobylicious oscars dress for who knows what reason, but I had big boobs and my parents were hispanic? and the dress was hideous and purple with this big jewel on it"
Picture like shiny taffeta, mother of the bride dress, with a top like this one,  in eggplant, gone terribly wrong. I'm guessing I trolled Us Weekly's website a little too hard yesterday! And the other dream:
 "It was about a. cockroaches. everywhere. in my shoes even. and b. not getting into med school like 5 times in a row" 
Clearly I've got some creativity going on up there. Who even applies to med school 5 times? I would hope that 30 year old Kelsey would know when to call it quits haha. Anyone else had crazy vivid dreams lately?