Fluff and Slush

Thursday, February 21, 2013

faux fur coat h&m // scarf target // button down theory // belt h&m // bag target // jeans f21 // boots hunter

Want to know a secret? I definitely am sporting some mean day three hair in these lovely iphone photos (thank you danielle!!). For those of you who are A) male (hah who am I kidding) or B) just aren't familiar with the colloquialism, that means I went three days without washing my hair. I am certain that my body is undergoing humidity withdrawal from my time at home because this type of not showering would NOT fly in Houston.

Whining aside, I've been having an interesting February thus far, and can't really believe that its almost over. I feel like everything is on hyper speed for this last semester. I am being a sappy nostalgic about 90% of the time and a wee bit worried about not having life plans about 190% of the time. The other day I had a mood swing that landed me at the grocery store with a basket full of a frozen pizza and lots of strawberries (literally 3 containers and frozen too) oh AND the 7$ beyonce vogue, because she just makes everything better.