A Little Blue Hat

Monday, February 18, 2013

hat target // tshirt jcrew // skirt jcrew // necklace gift // flats lucky brand
This hat is what I like to call an impulse buy. Do I wear hats on a regular basis? No. Do I look good in hats? Negatory. Do I have an infatuation with them irregardless? You betcha. The best friend was somewhat on board with this 5$ purchase so I indulged. At least my little sister can wear it too, clothing purchases these days are definitely all in the family.

My newest invention is an app that controls a padlock on your wallet and makes you answer a series of questions or scan an item's barcode in order to release your funds. It could totally work right? :p

I had a relaxing weekend, including watching the most amazing woman ever on hbo on Saturday night. Hands down the greatest. I'm obsessing over this song of hers lately too. Did you watch?