A Blue Dress and Friday Rambles

Friday, February 8, 2013

dress lauren ralph lauren // belt target // clutch melie bianco // pumps (similar) vince camuto // bangle jcrew

>>  This is what I wore to the ballet last weekend with the little sis and best friend. Can you say wild girls night out? The inside jokes behind this dress are A) it was almost 85% off at tjmaxx and B) think about what happened in 1998 regarding someone wearing a blue dress...
>>  Sometimes when I  comment on a blog I hope that someone reads it in a british accent 
>>  I was thinking the other day about how I never got my target beauty swag bag BUT THEN I came across it in my mom's nail polish collection (wonder how that got there side eye). Yay for tiny beauty products!
>>  I don't actually like emerald green, sorry pantone, maybe next time?
>>  I am so over the moon that there is going to be another child like harper.
>>  Senioritis is in full effect, this whole week at home was so effective I didn't even realize I was in school! I'm quite certain the paper I just turned in screams this but we'll pray for mercy from the TA on that one.
>>  I'm kind of obsessed with the thrift shop song. It is a terrible vice but I just can't let it be.
>>  For mad men fans, specifically betty draper fans, enjoy.
>>  So excited for valentines day! Look out for a DIY roundup this weekend!