Yet Again

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

excursion vest jcrew // shirt theory // jeans jbrand // necklace f21 // clogs borrowed from mom

I wasn't kidding around when I said this thing was on repeat! This was back when I was still at home and still sporting long-hair-don't-care. I must say I am SO ready to say goodbye to harsh winters for the indefinite future. I am beginning to think that everyone who lives in a temperate climates but says "I'm so envious of that winter wonderland" is conspiring against me. Please be my guest to take my awkward winter woes while I casually sport wispy layers. It probably doesn't help that I literally have the circulation of an amphibian (nerd alert: my cap refill is horrendous!). P.S. can you tell that I don't iron anything? ;)

Do you get the parka blues this time of year or are you still on the new year/ new you high?