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Monday, January 14, 2013

christina gives digital shorts, hockey and zebra snuggies thumbs up and moving sushi bar a thumbs down
First of all thank goodness for kindle for PC. I'm kind of in love with the fact that 2 of the books I desperately needed to catch up in my English class were FREE kindle versions. If you can get past the whole reading on a screen thing I would highly recommend it! Here's what else I've been glued to lately:

The first episode was AMAZING. If you want some prep read this and definitely watch the teaser! If you haven't started watching yet I would highly recommend it, although you have to be prepared to look past the raunchy scenes to appreciate the amazing writing!

I definitely think it lived up to the hype. Fat amy = priceless. I would watch this one ASAP if I were you! It reminds me of the original bring it on but different and way better.

Seriously awesome throwback to the early 2000's. We somehow stumbled upon this one and I'm so glad we did! Definitely a great rom-com to watch with your girlfriends for a little blast from the past.

The perfect movie to watch with your pre-teen sister/cousin/niece/anyone female under the age of 12. It was surprisingly bearable compared to most PG Disney movies geared towards that age group!

We may or may not have watched every single one. No shame. Those recieving 5 stars based on Christina and myself's rating system:
> drake interview
> 3 way (the golden rule)
> booty call
> megan's roommate
> the mirror
> andy popping into frame
> andy punches
> ras trent
> laser cats (the original)
> andy walking
> young chuck norris
> natalie raps

What have you been watching lately? I'm making a master list of movies I want to see and especially need recommendations for really old, like 1930's and 40's films!