Quotepost // One

Friday, January 4, 2013

my pup georgie


  1. Enthusiastic text message "Oh ya!!! Me <3 u!!!! Gtg hav my beauty sleep, bye" - little sis 
  2. "You should get twitter, you would be famous" - danielle
  3. "Elaine is in front of us dancing" - my mom making fun of a woman in front of them at a concert "Elaine from Seinfeld. Mom didn't make that clear" - my sister, for clarity's sake 
  4. "Don't you recognize the sun god when you see him?" - my favorite pharmacology prof
  5. "Girl fried. I'm so drunk. I'm about to do a danc at this party. And I'm trekking everyone I'm in love with ___. &*%$ I love you more than anyone though! <3" - anonymous 
  6. "Rarely did it get to round three because I pinned 'em" -my friend on her career as a pro high school wrestler 
And my all time favorite internet funny of the last few months: Unforgivable twitter spelling mistakes.