Quintessential 2012 Recap

Monday, January 7, 2013

Just a few highlights from 2012, since I'm usually a bit delayed at realizing change and all. Click on the photos above for links to the posts!

> I started this blog in march, fun timez.
> I made some diy projects:  earrings // mini notebooks // a cross stitch // a bangle // started a scrapbook (and dropped the ball oops) // fridge magnets
> Celebrated some 21st birthdays (me and cd)
> Said happy birthday to 'merica
> Took an awesome trip to Canada (and this) and visited the Calgary Stampede
> Went to Louisiana for a little R&R
> Enjoyed the beautiful end of summer weather in Montreal (and the fall wasn't so bad either)
> I got pretty pumped up about Christmas
> And was lucky enough to ring in the New Year surrounded by loved ones!

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