Ooh Girl

Friday, January 25, 2013

yeah, we are those kind of dog people
These shots of my girl georgie were snapped at home as I was packing up for the semester. It seems to be a kind of tradition that everyone comes and hangs out on my bed while I try to cram as many "necessities" as possible into 100 lbs of luggage. Even the pups join in on the fun! One of my favorite memories has to be one night last year before I was about to leave for four months, my mom, sister and I spent a solid hour cry-laughing at each other's best impressions of our family members. Proof that sometimes its the transitions and the in between times where the best moments are had!

I'm making it my goal to find a cozy nook in the library this weekend to sip some earl grey and catch up on a mountain of work. I'm definitely going to be watching Sabrina and Girls(duh) at some point and perhaps even venturing out for a thrift store adventure. What are you and yours up to?