Links and High Jinks

Thursday, January 17, 2013

epic accidental topknots are fun times
Here are a few things that I've been spending unhealthy amounts of time swooning over:

  1. The difference between goals and to-do's by Elise
  2. Nat The Fat Rat and her amazing writing skills are at it again telling the story of how she met her hubs
  3. Craving this jacket from Jcrew that is 70$ (ouch) but used to be 260$!
  4. Cashmere lined leather gloves for 28$ sound nice right about now with the very negative temperatures looming (we're talking like -8 F my american friends). 
  5. If you haven't read suri's burn book yet you should probably start now. 
  6. Someone needs to buy this paisley iphone 4 case so I can admire it from afar. 
  7. Not sure how I had never seen craftgawker before but I'm a little afraid for my free time.
  8. In scrapbooking news I am drooling over this stamp set.
  9. Little snake earrings with rhinestones and green eyes, pretty cool. 
  10. Tara Stiles youtube videos have been a lifesaver so far this semester since my yoga classes didn't survive the budget cut!