Instagram Who?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

row 1 // crochet cowl, jcrew cords, grad photos / row 2 // air travel, target purse, hockey game /  row 3 // jack the puppy, icicles, yoga at home / row 4 // monster snowflakes, wine and candy night, journal articles and donuts / row 5 // non functional fireplace, skyline, gorgeous sunset / row 6 // bike graveyard, lumberjack outfit, poetry
First of all I love how instagram has been (possibly temporarily) replaced by "vine" which I don't really get the point of but that could just be because it remains inaccessible to me hah. This post about it made me laugh.

Can't say that I'm going to miss January  The novelty of the winter has certainly worn off with this month! I'm looking forward to a long visit home, mardi gras (yay for texas being into that now) and valentines day, the Oscars and plenty of other goodness. Can't wait to take pictures of things that aren't gray and white!

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