Holly and Jolly

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A little tardy to the party but here are some snippets of our holiday festivities. I will say that after 3.5 weeks of being home and relaxing I still feel like the time flew by. Thank goodness I get another chance to visit soon in February!
little sister's roses from her nutcracker performance

our (blurry) tree

"fashion show" with the little sis and best friend

strawberry nutella waffles

cheeselog - a family favorite

MORE food: cherry pie with snowflake crust

burt reynolds sans mustache, aka my brother in a turtleneck

I'm so bummed that the holidays are over and also that so many of my classes look a little heavy on the coursework. Probably shouldn't have planned on skipping the first 3 days AND a whole week of school this semester but I'm just going to keep telling myself that I've "earned" it (which is a perfectly great argument for most indulgences - you should try it). Thank goodness my neighborhood seems to be easing out of the holidays, I hate when people tear down all signs of Christmas come January 2. And there seems to be a lot of positive energy flying around with New Years resolution season in full swing!

I have quite a bit going on this week as I'm applying for a job (eek!) as well as to a few grad programs (also eek!) and making the trek back up north for my LAST semester. I have a feeling that graduation is going to leave me a little shell shocked, but I am so ready to have that little piece of paper in my hand after four years of misery hard work.

What are you up to during this back-to-school / back-to-reality week? Thanks for reading!