Brrr it's cold in here...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

photo by sixteen year old me

Sooo the current temperature is -15 F (-26 C) and the weather service warns us that "The Arctic air holding steady over the province combined with moderate winds is causing extreme wind chill conditions over most regions." And at night we're down to -39 with windchill. AKA I will not be prancing around in the pretty snow without a coat on to display my latest "look" anytime soon. Kudos (kind of?) to the die hard outfit-posters who can pull that off though!

Also I don't think anyone would appreciate my "look" of sweater and puffy vest under puffy coat, with 4 pairs of socks and boot liners, plus a headband and a scarf crudely stuffed into a hood. Yum. I'm extremely thankful for a warm place to sleep at night though, and my thoughts and prayers are definitely with anyone struggling with homelessness this winter.

So what are you doing to fight the frigid air and its accompanied boredom? Have any fun traditions for days when you're shut in?