Last Minute Homemade Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

We're a little bit last minute in this household, not that there is anything wrong with that! The presents are just starting to pile up as of yesterday. My little sister has already reached inside the one gift bag under our tree  to discover what the texture of the gift inside is. She came into my room this morning and said "kels I just love pillows, they are so nice and soft" she certainly isn't very sneaky! 

Above is the embroidery thing-y that I made for my dad, it's a bit of an inside joke if you know him personally. My sister saw it and went "oooh can that be from me?" which is how I know he'll probably thoroughly enjoy it! 

If you're a last minute wrapper (like my mother cough cough) then you should try out these simple date stamp gift tags. I traced a store bought tag to shape my own from cardstock, added hole reinforcements and a piece of colorful washi tape and finished them off with a Christmas date stamp. 

I hope that you are having an amazing Christmas surrounded by loved ones and that you are blessed by all of the season's little joys and of course by the true reason for all of the celebration. I'll see you later in the week!