Homemade Christmas Part Two

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here are two of my little sisters gifts, a flower headband and mustache pillow. Not gonna lie, the pillow was a pain in the butt to shape correctly but after two tries I ended up with one that I am (somewhat) satisfied with. Now I've moved onto my an ironic cross stitch/ embroidery project for my dad and a tote bag for the little sis. And then I have until next Friday to finish up on Christina's epic pile of presents ;)

I must say that nothing beats sitting at my desk filled with every kind of craft imaginable, sipping a cup of earl grey and listening to Christmas music with my two little helpers underfoot! Definitely a nice  way to de-stress after the oh so traumatizing biochem exam. I also can't get enough of how friendly everyone becomes around the holiday season. The smiles and kindness are all kinds of contagious and I'm loving the amped up southern hospitality.

I hope that your last minute shopping slash crafting slash wrapping is going well and that you have a fantastic weekend!