Happy December

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A quick snapshot of our little happy december sign. We just punched holes in 4 by 6 notecards and attached   some printed letters (I used picmonkey for the font) and strung them through yarn. I want to jazz up this brick wall in our living room for the rest of the school year now. Not to mention I'm picturing some serious mean girls quote banners (you go glen coco anyone??).

On another note, I hope that your month is off to a wonderful start and that you're finding time to enjoy the little joys of the season. I feel incredibly blessed at this time of year and am trying to get creative as far as being grateful goes. It is amazing how influential attitude can be, especially with respect to the onslaught of "omg i have exams how inhumane" attitudes that many of us are battling these days.

I'm trying my very hardest to remember that getting a university education is a blessing and a privilege, definitely not something to complain about. Its amazing how little of an attitude adjustment it takes to make my studies and daily interactions both more productive and more positive. I hope to look back on these four years knowing that I soaked everything up that I could and that I didn't waste time complaining (although lets face it, I am a HUGE complainer by nature - owning it!).

What are you most grateful for during the holiday season? Do you get annoyed by people whining about school or do you tend to sympathize?