Easy Reads

Friday, December 14, 2012

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I can't wait for a little bit of free time over the holidays to catch up on some books I've been meaning to read (like emma by jane austen and mindy kaling's is everyone hanging out without me) and to be completely honest I'll probably be catching up on my favorite blogs until my contacts dry up inside my eyelids. Here's a few things you should check out if you've got a few minutes kicking around:
  1. This free downloadable ebook from NASA will rock your socks off. Literally. 
  2. If you don't think that Huck is the cutest human ever then I'm not sure if we would get along in real life. 
  3. The most amazing Christmas playlist from the lovely Kinsey. 
  4. If I were a. even in a relationship in the first place b. married and c. expecting this is how I would want  my maternity photos to look. Gotta plan ahead people. But serious the most gorgeous photos I've seen in a while. See Sarah's blog here.
  5. Best motivation ever. thank you to the lovely Christina for this one! 
  6. Some new blogs to read and love: Rachel has the most amazing style and Sarah is so witty and she just posted a series of reading recommendations! 
Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend??

P.S. I'm free from my biochem nightmare at noon today and then the holiday festivities begin! Look out for some recipes, homemade gifts, thrifting adventures, diy decorations, and all around Christmas spirit next week :)