You, Me and IG

Monday, November 26, 2012

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row 1 // gold nails, november flower, morning clouds
row 2 // diy crochet headband, my mornings, cute house
row 3 // festive campus, latest read, sun and fuzzy coats
row 4 // gym time, up too early, christmas lights!
row 5 // bogo holiday drinks, hustle and bustle, subway patterns
row 6 // study window, interior details, naked trees
row 7 // taking the metro, afternoon clouds, blue sky and turrets

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I enjoyed a night out on the town with some lovely ladies, A LOT of junk food, a belated American Thanksgiving feast (I made candied sweet potatoes), skype-dated my best fran, and prepared for a presentation (bleh wish me luck, I'll most definitely need it).

How did you spend your (holiday) weekend?