Quotepost (one word)

Friday, November 30, 2012

zomg its snowing! astro photo source
  1. We usually do 50 reps. And by we I mean me and jillian (referring to jillian michaels)" - helene
  2. over text on my mom's phone "Hi!!!!!!!!!"  "Hi J"  "How'd you know it was me?" "Bc mom doesn't use exclamation points duh" "Oh ok u got me." 
  3. In an operatic voice "Shine bright like a diamond" -will
  4. "So I have this new hobby, I make anonymous online dating accounts to find people I know and read about their dating lives and get a good laugh. People really put themselves out there." - anonymous 
  5. Lecture slide titled 'zoMG SHARKS!!!!111' comes up " I wrote that on the train while preparing these slides and I meant to change it... I was just having a little fun" - my stats prof 
  6. Flashes full glass of wine and pasta dinner in front of webcam on skype while I'm in the library and she's clearly not,  "I'm gonna wine and dine you" "ugh jealous since when do you even drink wine?"  "Its actually just juice" - best fran 
  7. Me pointing to jumbo cookies in the depanneur "oatmeal cookies are really popular lately" "what do you mean, they've only been around since like the 1700's" - helene
  8. "Well if a girl sends you a text with "k" instead of "kk" it means she's mad at you but if a guy just says "k" its okay." - girl in my class
  9. "Hey you look cute" - me, at 7 pm on a weekday "I'm kinda drunk" - my roomie 
All obnoxiousness aside, I'm hoping that these quotes will all be a riot to look back on a few years from now. The other day I was talking to my friend of like 7 years (whoa there) and she quoted something absurd I said years ago because she had it jotted down. I love blogging for its archival qualities, especially now that I'm starting to get all sentimental about graduating. 
What is your favorite way to savor memories through blogging? Do you like to write down funny things people say?

Have a warm, cozy, and relaxing weekend and good luck to those of you studying for finals (we can do it!) :)