Quintessential Quote Post

Thursday, November 15, 2012

via etsy my response to having to study for the next month
  1. "I've learned to cook eggs every way except for poached" "Oh so you cook now" "No. I only cook eggs" - the broski
  2. Me: " I think I have a good Christmas gift for you, I just need you to tell me some colors you like." The little sis: "Dark green, light green, yellow green and lime green"
  3. "I won't be afraid that I've scared you about your final all weekend if you promise you won't be scared about your final all weekend" - (objectively good looking) stats prof to the class
  4. I attempt to pick up one box of sour patch kids but accidentally knock one onto the ground too "Well of course I'll take two!" roommate laughs followed by "are you serious?" 
  5. "Haha I'm having PMS just like jess and winston" - anonymous (Jess and Winston are New Girl characters, go watch!)
What's the best quote you've heard lately?