Lazy Links

Friday, November 9, 2012

gems - the word I use lately to describe everything from people to TV channels
Here's some of what I've been creeping on the inter-webs lately:
  1. Wilde Asher, from Sophie of Her Library Adventures, is now open! Check out the awesome blog too. 
  2. A new to me blog, Happily Grey and some validation for my puffy vest post because she is seriously rocking some down filled goodness. 
  3. Plaid is it this holiday season: one, two, three, four.
  4. A heart warming post from Smile and Wave. 
  5. I really really wish I could celebrate American Thanksgiving at home this year just so I could make some flower arrangements like these
  6. A thought provoking post from Elizabeth. Sometimes I wish I could go back to a simpler decade too. Technology can be creepy! 
  7. Sequins might just be creeping into my good books. Like this for example.
  8. I want to work on a scarf just like this one. I just need to find the perfect yarn! 
  9. Don't forget to smile today and hug your furbabies tight;)
  10. This home line from target is rad. I really like this rug and this chair
Do you find yourself spending more time online when the weather becomes less than opportune? Any great finds you've stumbled across recently? Check out my pinterest and let me know yours!