Insta-Gems and Weekend Recap

Monday, November 19, 2012

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Back when there were still days without puffy jackets I took these:

row 1 // thrifted red blazer, old montreal, no filter camera fun
row 2 // campus architecture, tree that looked like bleeding hearts, adorable latte
row 3 // blanket of leaves, cutest darn window, being scholar-ish 
row 4 // trivia night sangria, creeping vine in ombre, ecoliers
row 5 // little wild flowers / weeds, cathedral, tiny streets with amazing architecture

Apparently I like to torture myself by looking at pictures of summer / warm fall when it starts to hit the nasty below zero numbers. Luckily I had a ridiculously fun weekend involving vodka soaked gummy worms (they were fabulous), catching up with old friends, making new friends, making plans, crocheting, holiday drinks at starbs, watching bride shows (darn you TLC), eating chocolate (lindt lindor anyone??), talking about boys (because I've definitely got so much free time for that), and even squeezing in some gym time (by which I mean reading us weekly while flailing on the elliptical for a few mins just like this). How was your weekend? Anything wild go down?