Faux Fur Baby

Monday, November 12, 2012

hat h&m // fur baby h&m // shirt target // jeans gap // boots aldo // necklace f21

quick! strike a pose! 

It most certainly feels like winter around these parts! I have already broken out this furry bad boy and the even more intimidating big puffy coat (which I definitely have a love hate relationship with). The furry contraption is a few sizes too big (read: arms are too long) so I feel like a bit of a "pimp" when I wear it, but it was 50% off a few years back and I've gotten a ton of use out of it! A word on the hat too: I'm amazed I found one that not only fits my noggin but is a tad too big. The ultimate test would be to see if it fits my mom's head, because that thing is large and in charge (love ya mom!).

In other news, Christmas fanaticism is in full swing, I even started up a secret pinterest board to keep track of my gift ideas and embarrassingly large personal wishlist. I'm feeling really optimistic these days which is never a bad thing! I got 2 "job" offers last week, and I start one this week (doesn't that always just feel so good?), I've been doing pretty well with my running plan, and I'm not feeling overwhelmed by school just yet (I only give that a week or so hah).

I definitely have to give my little sister a shout out because this girl is my hero. I wouldn't have thought it possible for a 20 something to look up to a middle school-er, but alas I am so inspired by this little lady! Her determination in her ballet and school work is unparalleled, and I'm so incredibly proud to call her my sister. She is becoming one of those people you know is going to do great things because they have the perfect balance between stubborn resolve and natural talent. I absolutely can't wait to see her various Nutcracker performances and to hang out with my best-sister-friend. End sappy rant.

What are you wearing to keep warm? Do you feel extra motivated at this time of year or extra sappy and sentimental?