So Hot Right Now

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spacesuits and jumping through the stratosphere = so hot right now ( image source
  1. Pumpkins. So hot right now. (Mugatu quote anyone?) I must say I'm still sad summer is gone and winter is coming straight on for us (Heart lyrics?). This might have something to do with the fact that  Halloween, and fall in general, are always tainted by midterms and assignments. 
  2. On that note I can't wait to graduate. The epic final countdown has begun!
  3. I am finally starting to get back into a regular routine involving sleeping better and working out a little (to say its been a while would be an understatement). I'm looking forward to having more energy throughout the day. I really like Elise's challenge to run a mile a day. Or the Couch to 5K Challenge which is also so hot right now. I can't decide which one I prefer! 
  4. I experienced my first earthquake the other day! It was pretty neat, I was more intrigued than anything since it was only a 4.5 magnitude. Have any of you ever been through an earthquake? 
  5. Is anyone else kind of sneakily excited for Christmas? I may or may not have already planned a few gifts out hah. At least in Canada we only have to wait until November 1st to listen to Christmas music (weird yes, but awesome nonetheless) :)
What are y'all ranting and raving about these days? Did you catch the free fall?