Seafoam + Orange = Outfit

Friday, October 12, 2012

further proof my hair has a mind of its own!

shirt h&m // sweater target // skirt jcrew // minnetonka moccasins // zara bag
Couldn't pass up the opportunity for this double dose of seafoam-y turquoise and I am also really excited about the orange and seafoam duo. I'm definitely going to be giving this mix another go because I love the idea of putting together borderline clashy colors :) Do you wear any combinations that just feel so wrong but so right?

When I showed my mom this outfit (the skirt was a gift) she remarked: "Its a bit grandma don't you think?" I didn't even protest, considering I act like I'm going on 80 most days. What can I say, I just can't resist a good cardigan or slouchy purse or crocheted afghan or cup of tea and cookies, for that matter. Fully embracing my inner "gam gam" over here. Speaking of elderly, (that's how you know a riveting conversation is coming up right?) how hilarious was this week's new girl episode? I almost died when Nick pulled the incontinence prank! If you haven't seen it yet GO WATCH NOW, you will not regret.

As an aside based on the "antiqued" quality of my photos this semester, I really miss having a DSLR to play with. I'm looking forward to saving up for one or just waiting patiently until the magic fancy camera fairy leaves one in my possession. #heyitcouldhappen  #student budget

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