Links I Met and Liked

Thursday, October 18, 2012

spots + cape = sold // source
  1. I want to make this DIY so badly. Don't think acquiring PVC is in my near future so it will have to wait until Christmas break.
  2. This post from nat the fat rat made me so happy for so many reasons. I hope me and the future hubs can be half as cool as they are haha 
  3. If you're looking to be inspired, check out the Pot family's blog. Words cannot describe how amazing their faith is. 
  4. Tough girl booties as my little sister would call them. I would love to style a pair of these with a tulle skirt like the amazing Jessica's (she made it herself too, doesn't get any cooler than that!) 
  5. Some new or newly obsessed with blogs: seersucker + saddles, love, blair, and gal meets glam
Have any new / new-to-you blogs to share? I'm always adding to my reading list (shhh don't tell my gpa)  :)