Jeopardy Style

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

photo by Jocelynne Veldboom
  1. Why do people wear sneaker heels, and why do manufacturers produce so many sneaker heels? There is a time and place for both... separately
  2. Is it unhealthy that the thought of fall ending makes me want to shed a dramatic tear or two?
  3. Why does the bachelor canada exist? (imagine the bachelor with 10% of the budget)
  4. How on earth did I manage to acquire a blister on the entirety of my big toe? painful yes, unnecessary yes, TMI most likely
  5. Has anyone seen the paperboy? I have a mild severe zac efron thing
  6. How do you guys deal with not being home for holidays? I'm missing my dad's and sister's birthdays, Halloween and american thanksgiving. homesick=  bleh 
  7. Does anyone else who puts a contact email on their blog get a higher than normal amount of Nigerian prince emails? my spam folder is especially hilarious lately