Tuesday, October 9, 2012

unrelated but how awesome is that hat!?!?!  via fashion gone rogue

Another round of silly things I've heard (or said):
  1. "What's the difference between lions and tigers again? Just the stripes?" -H
  2. "Ps. i went to the dr today and peed in the cup like a champ" -C
  3. "Why are there puppy stickers on our kitchen cabinets?" - roomie
  4. "Phosphoprotein phosphorylase gets phosphorylated so it can no longer phosphorylate" - biochem prof (clearly my favorite course... not)
  5. Student 1: "it smelled like gas in there, I thought the whole building was going to explode" Student 2: yeah well it was the chem building, that would be bad like you couldn't just throw water on it" Student 1: "yeah because that's like chemistry"
  6. "Is lysol bad for pumpkins?" - me
What's the best one liner you've come across lately?