Happy Halloweekend

Friday, October 26, 2012

costume of '09 
Coming off of an interest in politics after the 2008 election (I took a few government / american history courses), I went for "Hillary Clinton in the Early 90's with Long Hair" in 2009. I thrifted a blazer, skirt, and shoes and tried to copy a hairstyle I found in an old photo of my gurl hil. And don't try to take this as a political thing, because I was fascinated by the fact that she used to have long hair, and she's awesome from a female's perspective (in my opinion).

Other favorite costumes include a "Rubber Chicken" using orange trash bags, Regina George, and Spiderman 3 (the pillow-y fake muscles were fun). 

So what are you dressing up as? Got anything super creative in the works or do you prefer to buy a costume that is ready to go?