Beauty Picks

Monday, October 29, 2012

Full disclosure: I am so not a product girl, I usually stumble across my beauty products via target, my mom's collection, or the odd sephora gift card (from my brother, I know right!). These are a just few things that I already do or would use everyday if I could.
  1. benefit bathina this body balm is amazing, perfect to make your legs look like a million bucks for a night out and it smells like a solid fragrance without being overpowering
  2. aveda nourish-mint lip glaze in cherry blossom I'm not a huge lip gloss girl but this stuff is the perfect texture and you can add just a tad of the cherry color to get the look of a pink stain
  3. joe fresh nail polish in mango 3 fun colors for 10$, I'm sold! 
  4. nars soft touch shadow pencil in hollywoodland There is incredibly little substance contained at the top of the stick (boo deceptive packaging) so it doesn't last long, but this works wonders for sleepy eyes as a highlighter. 
  5. oscar de la renta live in love I really love how this smells, timeless and feminine but not too stuffy
  6. revlon no pinch eyelash curler I have yet to find an eyelash curler that does the job as well as this one. I'm definitely fed up with the metal kind that I manage to break every few months!
What are your favorite products? Do you prefer to splurge or save?