Summer in the City

Thursday, September 20, 2012

tank jcrew // maxi h&m // flip flops rainbow // watch timex

I found my new favorite backdrop for photos the other day, isn't the color and texture of that orange wall divine!?! I'm incredibly sad that summer is winding down and I'll be counting down the days until I get to hang out in a tank top again. Today I'm breaking out a down vest and trouser socks, yikes!

Walking around the city in the summer always leads me to the coolest convertibles and I want to take a ride in this one sooooo badly!  Graffiti is always plentiful too, its basically like an instagrammers paradise up in here, if you can pull your head out of the books that is :p

How are you grieving the loss of summer the greatest season ever? On the plus side you get to drink more tea, crochet like a boss, and you get to wear more items of clothing per outfit ;)