Thursday, September 6, 2012

A few gems I've come across lately:
  1. "I hate lnaguage (her misspelling) arts!!!! I hate stupid projects and no one helps me! Ughhhhh"  followed shortly after by: "I wanna do no work!" and "U spelled it wrong, its Julliard dumbo"  -- my little sister age 11 in response to me telling her that Julliard will not let her in if she can't read and write. The irony was too much. 
  2. "Instead of saying you like to bake you can just say you're a chef" -- bff on the topic of filling out professional school applications.
  3. "Its like a gateway game to dungeons and dragons" -- anonymous
  4. "I actually 100% just had an elevator ride with the olsen twins... They are legit realllllly short...." -- roomie/bestie