Making Me Smile

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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  1. A Little old lady at the bank told me that I looked very sweet in my rainboots and skirt. Thank you ma'am you made my day :)
  2. This post is absolutely amazing. Hands down the most captivating and genuine story I've read in a while.
  3. Kinsey has wonderful taste in music, check out this feel good playlist
  4. Walking downtown I saw the most beautiful dog sitting with a homeless man, he was a big yellow thing with bright blue eyes. Then on my walk back I saw the same dog playing with a tiny kitten. Minus the fact that I was very afraid that the dog might turn play time into meal time, it was pretty stinkin' cute. 
  5. I graduate with my BSc in just 8 short months! Yay for enjoying fourth year :) Thank goodness I don't start lectures until Wednesday though, pretending it is still summer is a game I don't mind playing.