It's Like We Have ESPN or Something

Friday, September 28, 2012

So this is what happens when you know someone really, really well. I present a text conversation between me and my roommate/bff the other day:

9:17 | B: Tm can you take a cute insta of me?
9:17 | Me: How's it going poobie noobie

9:18 | Me: We literally just texted each other at the same time. Esp
9:18 | B: WHOA. We magically texted each oths @ the same time. ESP
9:18 | B: We are creepy.
9:18 | Me: Haha did we say that at the same time too

9:19 | B: Yes. Yes we did.
9:19 | Me: My goodness that's awesome

I don't even want to know how creepy I would be if I had a real twin. Poobie noobie is an affectionate term derived from a fat cat named Chloe's nickname (we tend to make up words around these parts) and for the record I'm the one with less of an abbreviation problem.

I'm going through a hardcore Mean Girls phase right now, since I watched/ listened to it a few times while I was studying this summer the quotes are flying. Whats your favorite one??