Ramble On

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

  1. Is it weird that I still have the urge to purchase teen vogue whenever I see it in the grocery store? Mind you we did spend many years of my awkward tween through teen phase together lol. 
  2. Cliche alert: I am kind of in love with the Olympics. This is the first year I've really appreciated the games and I can't get enough of the fearless men and women who compete. It is fueling me to stop griping and face my current challenges head on. Missy Franklin is pretty much my hero :) 
  3. If I could eat iced cream for every meal I would in a heartbeat. I mix half cookies and cream with half chocolate chip cookie dough for a match made in heaven. 
  4. I'm feeling really excited for next year, even with the impending stress of exams, applications and what not I can't help but feel a little bit of joy. I think that I'd rather have somewhat of an unknown future over a strict "5 year plan" any day. Turning anxiety and stress into excitement and positive energy can really turn your world upside down.