Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Can't wait for the new album! source
  1. This post has me lusting after something pixelated! Those ballet flats are so whimsical :)
  2. Can't get enough of the Office, and this tumblr that I stumbled across the other day. Office fanatics what are your favorite blogs/ tumblrs / etc??
  3. I am SO READY for New Girl to come back into my life. I had almost forgotten about it (terrible I know) but am definitely longing to have Schmidt jokes to laugh at once again! 
  4. My bestie got her wisdom teeth out and was amazing enough to post a 2 minute long video of herself chatting it up post surgery, gauze in mouth, just for me :) Entertaining and awesome are understatements here folks. 
  5. Obsessing over this blog lately, I really want the book too! 
  6. My little sister's use of the word "gigant-o-plex" gets me every time. 
  7. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac also gets me every time. Beware if you happen to be in the car with me when it comes on, simply singing along wouldn't be doing it justice!