Best Week(end) Ever!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

lets play spot the photo bomber in the blurry photo

Does anyone else really miss the Vh1 show Best Week Ever? I was obsessed. Without further ado, my weekend getaway in list format:
  1. Chicken nuggets abbreviated = nug nugs
  2. "K good night. Wait, i can't find my cat mask" - text from my little sis
  3.  Running into my bff from middle school = just as much fun as I had back in the day
  4.  Seeing your old stomping grounds can lead you to believe you are __ years old again
  5.  Hobby Lobby will never cease to entertain me
  6.  You do indeed require a microwave to make hot pockets if you intend to eat them within the next century 
  7.  Dressing like sailor moon can be okay. sometimes. 
  8.  Krafts, Korks, Kanvas and Kardashians (see what I did there? :p )
  9. Coffee dates and eating ice cream on the floor of unfurnished apartment dates are equally hip
  10. Puppies are endless entertainment, especially when you make up words to go along with their movements (example: "hay gurl hay") 
  11. Sleepovers have no age limit 
  12. Will Ferrell movies rock. If you do not agree with this statement please vacate the blog premises immediately. 
And the clear winner went down like so: 
Rando guy: "What sorority are you in?" whilst creepily placing his hand on my back 
Me: Pahahaha that's not my style
Rando guy: "You're too beautiful not to be in a sorority" again with the touchy part despite my blatantly obvious curve-my-spine-awkwardly-to-avoid-him posture.