Making Me Smile

Saturday, July 28, 2012

canola fields in alberta

  1. I had an amazing birthday! I will never outgrow being excited about birthdays (sorry family and friends :p)
  2. Text from little sis: "How do I do this spegettios thing? (sorry I dont know how to spell spegettios)" in response to the fact that I wrote her a note explaining to place the prepped bowl in the microwave and to remove the saran wrap carefully. Gotta love it. 
  3. This little number makes me happy. JCrew please stop taunting my budget!
  4. I would love to throw or attend a party like this one please!
  5. Sipping tea while its raining (and not too humid) never gets old :)
  6. This post by Kendi rocks!
  7. A Retrospective post on Delightfully Tacky, check out those awesome fridge photos.