Making Me Smile

Thursday, June 28, 2012

  1. This text made me laugh: "I think the bread u used on my sand wich has mold on it bc the crust is really crunchy" from the little sis. She's just a tiny bit dramatic haha. 
  2. Little Old Man at my gym who told me I had a "quite a snazzy car" after getting in a no-you-cross-the-street-first courtesy battle with me, you are adorable.
  3. "You must be studying for the bar" made my day kind sir. I'm glad I don't look like a high-schooler to someone, as that seems to be the common misconception!
  4. In case you weren't aware yet, Harper is THE cutest child on the earth. Check out this post that made me lol hard.
  5. I really like this campaign (and here). 
  6. An e card after my own heart. 
  7. This one is really more like "making me jump for joy" but SINCE WHEN do you get to print off coupons for tarjay? I'm going to have to make a trip asap!