Making Me Smile

Sunday, June 10, 2012

this had me in tears (of laughter) we, including the artist, aren't quite sure what it means!
  1. I know I talk about (and think about) Target/Tarjay wayyy too much but seriously, a bikini bottom for 4.50 and top for 5.50? My appreciation for that store and their clearance is endless!
  2. Skyping with my cbff (c for canadian) makes me miss school a little (eew right!?!?) Miss ya B!
  3. I got to see zebras, giraffes, baby elephants AND miniature ponies this week. Baby animals always leave me in a puddle. If you're ever in Southern TX and like adorable animals I would recommend Bayou Wildlife Park :)
  4. My little sister started her very own blog (pronounced as if its a very long "o" and contained within a  powerpoint presentation) on her computer and its pretty darn adorable. I can't give away too much (top secret ya know?) but the title is "A Day of Ballet." She learns from the best! 
  5. This pin made me lol, gotta love the random things kids like.
  6. Seeing this amazing post about elephants reminded me about this video (prepare to melt)